Our Drones

Our drones are custom-built for the professional broadcast and cinematic industry, meaning we shoot professional quality, super smooth footage.

Dean Wynton

We shoot from ground level up to 126 metres with a 360 degree gyroscopic stabilised pan-and-tilt camera system.

Both indoor & outdoor filming is within our remit – so no need for cranes & dollies. AND we can produce live video streams to ground stations from the on-board camera.

It’s a fast and flexible set-up, and we can be up and running within minutes of arriving on-site.

All our crafts are electrically powered, meaning they are very quiet AND emission-free!

It’s cheaper than manned helicopter, and 100% more flexible.

Under bridges? No problem. Inside buildings? Easy!

They can be flown almost anywhere, including out at sea. No flying permits are needed – permission from the landowner notwithstanding – saving you time and money.

Safety? Our drones have on-board fail-safes operational at all times.

Check out our showreel to see what we can do.

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