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Recent Aerial Filmwork

Let your imagination run wild, and if it is possible we will bring your dreams to life!

We use our aerial filming drones on a great number of other shoots such as Dramas and Features also, but not everything can be posted here as it would take up a great deal of space… So a few of our recent clips of work are available to watch below.

About us.. Experienced, Professional drone UAV pilots


Aerosight professional drone aerial filming were one of the very first CAA licensed companies (Before the current standard BNUC-s exam was even established) and one of the very few that can actually build from scratch custom and bespoke drones and maintain our own machines and can fly unaided without the use of GPS and other flight stabilisers should they be lost for any reason.

We hold a special exemption from the CAA to get closer than 50m to the public and their property due to our years of knowledge and experience alongside our modified drones which is especially useful in built up areas.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained in over 17 years of experience in designing, developing and flying drones or UAV`s…. And if you bear in mind most people didn`t even know of the existence of camera fitted drones until recently, means we are not amateurs and we really do know our stuff! Taking that into consideration along with the fact that we use industry time served camera operators and DOPs that have been trained by Aerosight to combine their skills in the broadcast industry with operating our remotely operated heads or gimbals.

You cannot get a better company to achieve the high quality shots you require.

If you wish to know more about us then please feel free to ask

Aerial photography

Aside from aerial filming we are also able to offer aerial photography using our drones whether it be for sales or surveys, mapping or just straightforward photos of anything we will be able to assist you in getting the shots you need at an affordable rate.

Our drones

Our drones are custom-built for the professional Broadcast and Cinematic industry. Providing super smooth footage.

We can shoot from the ground up to 126 meters and above 360 gyro stabilised pan and tilt system.

Indoor & outdoor filming – no need for cranes & dollies. Live video stream to groundstations from the onboard camera.

Fast and flexible set-up can be done in minutes.

Electric craft – emission-free and quiet.

Cheaper than manned helicopter and 100% more flexible.

Can be flown almost anywhere including at sea. No flying permits needed in most cases only permission from the landowner – save time & money.

On-board failsafes operational at all times.

More cost effective than a full size copter 100% more versatile (think under bridges, inside buildings, low to ground).

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Bespoke Projects

Occasionally we get asked to build drones for bespoke projects.. Here are a few of them

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