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Image 01Our custom built drones and on-set experience are noted by all of our clients. Choose the best and get results....

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Aerosight professional drone aerial filming were one of the very first CAA licensed companies (Before the current standard BNUC-s exam was even established) and one of the very few that can actually build from scratch and maintain our own machines and can fly unaided without the use of GPS and other flight stabilisers should they be lost for any reason. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained in over 17 years of experience in designing, developing and flying drones or UAV`s…. And if you bear in mind most people didn`t even know of the existence of camera fitted drones until recently, means we are not amateurs and we really do know our stuff! Taking that into consideration along with the fact that we use industry time served camera operators and DOPs that have been trained by Aerosight to combine their skills in the broadcast industry with operating our remote hemovementads.. You cannot get a better company to acheive the high quality shots you require.

We exceed expectations with every shoot as most producer and directors have in the past hired an amateur, as is only to be expected with the vast increase of alleged experienced or professional drone operators… I feel our reputation and our showreel speaks for itself

Our filming drones or UAV`s are dual controlled by the pilot and the cameraman. Our experience ensures outstanding quality footage, with unmatched stability and .

We work to your vision and work closely with your Director & DOP to create the precise angle, speed, and look required.

We are fast and flexible, so set-up can be done in minutes (no need for cranes, tracks, jibs). This makes us more cost and time effective.

There is practically no-where on earth we have not filmed and cannot film, especially shots impossible with a crane or full size copter.

TONY MAY – Camera Operator

After 20 years filming commercials, music promos, and broadcast Tony is one of the most sought-after DOPs in the UK Broadcast industry.

Tony has shot in over 60 countries in all terrains from Downing Street to city slums, desert to studio, high speed to motion control.

His great passion is flying and has specialized in filming from cranes, helicopters and gliders for 15 years.

He is also an award-winning stills photographer.

“I'm never happier than with a new creative challenge, shooting something I've never shot before in a new place.”