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Aerosight and their drone filming experts are one of the very first handful of CAA licensed companies in the UK (Before the current standard BNUC-s exam was even established) and one of the very few that can actually build from scratch custom and bespoke drones. Aerosight were the company that built the very first pizza delivery drone! the Domicopter back in 2103 The Betfair parachute drone  and the National Lottery drone. Here at Aerosight UAV we maintain our own drones and are able to fly them unaided without the use of GPS and other flight stabilisers should they be lost for any reason which can be a common occurrence especially in built up areas.

Our chief pilot and technician Dean Wynton can boast over 21 years of building and piloting unmanned aerial vehicles as well as holding a full size private pilots license, Dean is likely familiar with any situation that the production may require to perform to get the required shot

We hold a special exemption from the CAA to get as close as 30 metres to the public and their property and in some cases even closer due to our years of knowledge and experience. This is alongside our custom built modified drones, that are especially useful in built up areas.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained in over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and flying drones or UAV`s – and if you bear in mind most people didn`t even know of the existence of camera fitted drones until recently, it shows that we are not amateurs and we really do know our stuff!

We use industry time-served camera operators and DOPs, such as our main camera op, top commercials DOP Tony May trained by Aerosight to combine their skills in the broadcast industry with operating our remotely operated heads or gimbals.

Quite simply you cannot get a better company to achieve the high quality shots you require.

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